Frankly, my dear, I just want bacon.

Frankly, I wanted a diet where I could still eat bacon.


Then I heard about the slow carb diet via 4 Hour Body, and had to give this thing a try. Thankfully, I don’t have food allergies or preferences that would further restrict a diet. Slow carb is basically just beans, vegetables and meat. One cheat day and 15 minutes of specific exercises per week.

I had my Harajuku Moment, but we’ll get to that later. I’ve tried to live a “healthy” lifestyle. I did a 5K within my time goal (I have never identified myself as a runner). I’ve experimented with healthy recipes, only to uber fail and eat a bag of chips afterward. (I don’t have a sweet tooth, and rarely eat dessert. But dude, I will down a bag of popcorn like nobody’s business.) I haven’t found the right balance of diet and exercise that feels right. So we’ll see how this goes. I have a good feeling about it… probably because I know real people who have succeeded on this plan.

But this is all about more than just looking really, really, really good in a bikini. Or rapid weight loss. It’s about living an overall better life by making intentional choices. Over the past nine months, I’ve transitioned nearly all of my beauty products to natural alternatives. Shampoo = baking soda, conditioner = apple cider vinegar, face soap = baby oil, etc.

This blog will serve as my journal for posting progress, recipes, techniques and goals around living a better life,and creating a Better Beth.

Ok, I’m gonna go get wicked hot.


Talk to me.

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