Day 1 – first and second lunch… and dinner

Tuna Chickpea Kale salad

I packed an extra large portion of this Tuna Chickpea Kale salad and ate it most of the day, between 11:30am and 4pm. I don’t normally take a lunch break these days, so I’m just nom on a bite for a while (kale takes forever for me to eat, like chewing cud). I felt really tired today, but that could be because I slept like crap and/or it’s Monday Funday.

I came home from work, snacked on some green beans from the farmer’s market last week and 2 strips of bacon. Definitely felt better after being home for an hour and eating bacon.

I brought dinner to my brother and sister-in-law, who thankfully suggested Chipotle, one of the best restaurants for slow carb. However, I forgot to get my burrito bowl without rice, so I painstakingly picked around the rice. PAINstaking. I’ve learned my lesson for next time. Dinner was a steak burrito bowl, both black and pinto beans, peppers/onions, mild/medium salsa, lettuce and guacamole (and rice, but I didn’t eat it).

After completing my 15 minutes of exercise, I drank a bunch of water and took a shower. I’m feeling full and rested now. Normally, 10pm is my snack time. I sit down with a bowl of popcorn or some type of snacky platter (I should have a post just about snacky platters) and get lost in Netflix. I stay up too late on Pinterest or Facebook and finally fall asleep around 12am. I’m going to meditate (check out Headspace if you’re new to meditating!) and snuggle with my Gunner.


One thought on “Day 1 – first and second lunch… and dinner

  1. Oh yeah, my kale-tuna salad is good for WHATEVER ails ya! Glad you made it and liked it! My kids insist of me keeping this salad in the refrig at all times.

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